We are very pleased to offer to our students a selected number of independent studies opportunities.  The supervision is conducted by email or chat.  You will be required to write a paper if you want to get grades and credits.  Any topic in the areas listed below are covered:

  • Amerindian Health, Medicine, and Psychiatry

  • Indigenous Healing

  • Culture and Pain

  • Pharmaceutical Anthropology

  • Amerindian Food

  • Language and Culture

  • Language Contact

  • Cross-Cultural Studies.

If you are interested in pursuing this modality of study, we strongly recommend you to contact your institution and check for eligibility.  Please send us the following:

  • A two page letter of intent explaining what you want to study, including a timeline of your planned activities

  • CV

  • Approval of your university to take the Independent Study (an email note is enough)

  • A short statement expressing your willingness to work in an independent manner, including reading, researching and writing.

Upon request, we will send an informative package to your college or university officials with our program details and faculty resumes.

DURATION: 12 hours of close personalized supervision.
WHEN:  fall, winter, spring and  summer.
LOCATION:  online
FEES:  $600 USD