Our center strives to identify priority areas of study that address pressing physical and mental health problems of the Quichuas. Multidisciplinary studies that explore the influence of culture and social forces in health, disease, biological systems (biological markers and epigenetic changes) and pharmacological treatment responses are strongly encouraged.  We are interested in the potential of collaboration of traditional healers and Western trained doctors for delivering culturally adapted  psychiatric services.  An area of particular interest is the scientific inquiry on the efficacy of Quichua medicine treatments and the validity/reliability of Quichua diagnostic methods.

The Runajambi institute could provide support for the design, implementation and execution of health projects.  We are very interested to facilitate collaborative multi-site research programs and consortium research efforts with international colleagues.

Institutions and individuals interested in conducting health research projects among the First Nations of the Andes may contac:

Lise Bouchard, Ph.D.
Department of Research